How to activate a Field Team Member or Contractor

When you first sign-up and enter a contractor the default setting is to have them at ‘Pending’ Activation. This is because in a busy environment as soon as a contractor is put onto the system he or she can be selected for work immediately. This may not be an ideal scenario, you may be waiting for their certificates, qualification details, diving license, passport etc to verify who they are and what they are legally qualified to do.

In which case they are left on ‘Pending’ until these details are complete and you are happy to make them ‘Active’ and selectable for all the other users to book in and schedule for projects. It is important to note also that as soon you enter the email address and details of the Field Team Member or contractor they will receive an email with their username and login details. Also, a temporary password generated by the system will be issued to them that the need to change the first time they log in.

However, and this is important to note, before they are active they won’t be able to log in and they will get an error message. t which point they will probably email you saying the system doesn’t work. Forewarned is forearmed.

It is easy to remedy however and easy to change the status of an engineer, FTM or contractor to ‘Active’. Please see the screen shot below.


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