New Capacity Schedule Feature.

This article will be focusing on how to have a schedule where the Field team is not yet specified or not assigned at the moment where appointment is added.

So we have a schedule that works brilliantly for immediate dispatch or selection of an individual Field Team Member to a client at any point in time. Apart from that guess if where the user is looking or the availability of a team and not a specific FTM at some time in the future. They don’t know who will actually do the job because this job maybe 2 months in the future and the FTM might be sick or on leave by then. However, the user still needs to inform the client of availability and book them in for a project anyway.

So, here comes the ‘Capacity Schedule’ that allows you to see and book the availability of the teams as a whole base on the capacity of the company.

Sounds Complex, to make your job easier, so let’s take it step by step.

Step 1 

Navigate to the ‘Field Resources’ tab and click on ‘Add FTM’  1

Step 2

Fill out all the details to your FTM and select ‘Field team type’ as ‘Capacity Schedule’. Edit the FTM coverage areas and FTM skill sets as you wish.


After saving the ‘Field team type’ as ‘Capacity Schedule’, you will be able to see that in the view contractor page.  3

Step 3

Let’s add appointments to ‘Capacity Schedule’ FTM.

  • Go to your order
  • Navigate to the ‘Appointments’ tab
  • Click on ‘+’ sign at the top right corner o add an appointment. Screenshot-373
  • In the appointment add view, fill out the Appointment details as you wish and Select the Appointment type as ‘Capacity Schedule’
  • Book the appointment slots. Screenshot-376
  • Click on Confirm appointment.

Step 4

Now, you will be able to see the recently booked appointments at the view order appointments view. Screenshot-377


And also you can view it in the ‘Schedules’ screen by selecting the ‘capacity schedule’ from the cabinet icon at the top right corner. Screenshot-379


Step 5

Another cool feature, you can edit your schedule top bar color

1. Go to Field resources tab
2. Select your capacity schedule FTM
3. Click on Edit FTM

Change the Schedule color, simply you have to enter the hexadecimal value of the color you chosen or click the dropdown icon and choose the color you want. Screenshot-384

It will effect on the top bar of your schedule. And capacity schedule color according to the user,

4. Navigate to the Users
5. Click edit
6. Change the Capacity schedule color, simply you have to enter the hexadecimal value of the color you chosen or click the drop down icon and choose the color you want.

It will effect on the Capacity schedule color of your capacity schedule.

Step 6

How to assign appointments in the Capacity Schedule to another FTM

Navigate to the ‘Appointments’ tab of an Order.
Edit the Capacity Schedule you wish to modify. Screenshot-387

You will be able to see the Capacity Schedule appointments slots you have booked in early stages.

Select the Appointment type, you wish to update form the type Capacity Schedule.


According to the Appointment Type, select your FTM and book the appointment slots same as you booked previously in the Capacity Schedule. Screenshot-390
Click on ‘Confirm Appointments’.

Now, you have successfully assigned the Capacity Schedule slots to your FTM.


You will be able to add more and more appointments to the Capacity Schedule FTM from many orders as you wish. Enjoy!