Improvements to the quote module on the app

The quote module works better now that is a  huge positive, so well done to Hesh. However, there are still several features that have not been added from the last spec and several that need to be added.

The overall app itself is stable and it is good. However, it is a bit clunky, a bit ugly in parts and the job sheets it produces are horrible. I have attached a design for a new one, only you can tell me how long and how hard it would be to implement.


Moving specifically for the quotes module:

  1. The templates aren’t loading into the app version so the final quote that is sent to the customer from the app is not complete. The templates cannot be added to the quote even from the system after they have been created by the app either
  2. There is no option to add quote notes. So we cannot share information that is needed on the quote without the customer seeing. Quote notes needs to be in the app and it needs to have a nice easy section to upload images and files too. So, for example if I am making a quote for a carpet fitting project I can create a sketch in another app like ‘Rigid Sketch’ (look it up it is very good) and then load the image into the quote notes so the fitters can use the information if the quote is accepted
  3. We need an option to send the quote to the customer directly or just to upload to the system. This is because the man or woman creating the quote may just be a sub contractor and not allowed to send it to the customer before the system user adds a mark-up margin to the quote. In fact, if we had a setting on the ftms to determine a) if they get the quote module in the app at all b) whether they can send the quote directly to the customer or just upload to the system.
  4. We need some big green buttons to replace everywhere in it says ‘save’ – throughout the app (not just the quote module) and a red one for where it says ‘clear’. The buttons should appear at the top of the screen (if they are now I know the ios and android versions are different) on the relevant pages and at the bottom of the screen too. They need to be much clearer than they are now.
  5. The VAT & Discounts screen is a total disaster and needs a re-think. I suggest that we add the discount as a line item option in both the app and the system and make it a negative value. The reason for this is that adding it afterwards means that it gives a false figure for the profit. As a line item it should allow you to type in a description of why you are giving the discount too.

Below are the screens I have made. Look at them carefully and implement everything on there. A lot are layout changes to improve the look and feel – and I don’t expect them to take much time – let’s get our skates on here because we are very close to having something exceptional. Some are word changes to make it clearer or use less screen.  If you don’t think something is logical then query me for an explanation or app-change app-remove