Show and hide adjustment in quotes

To save a lot of coding I have a neat solution for these quotes. When we currently build a quote we add lines items to it. The price can be shown or hidden from the customer. As shown in the images at the bottom of the page. We just need to remove the quantities form view of the customer

Why do we need to change this? Because the line item ‘description’ and ‘quantity’ may contain valuable information that the user does not want to share with the customer. For example, 35 m2 of Cloud 9 underlay can then be ordered by the client or shared with a competitor.

So we need to male a small adjustment.

Show – show all the description, quantity and price to customer (same as now)

Hide – hide the price and hide the quantity but show description





Make the line item invisible when the view / hide is clicked. so the description disappear and so does the line. But the data is still viewable to the user Status: Unknown (I think we need 3 options Show, hide, invisible – ask me and I will explain) – Lets have a call about this I need to underrated this further

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