Flobot accounts overhaul part 2

So, as part of the accounts overhaul this is part 2.

Under the accounts we need to make some changes, Under Contacts

Contacts – we need to add contacts in here even if they are added from the site or order screen. All contacts on the account should appear here.

All contacts should be searchable in the search bar. ideally we allow the customer to create custom fields which are searcable but we need a default from that can be edited.

I think this will be designed like another form. For larger accounts the user will want much more setail on these contacts so a fully fleshed out CRM. On the plus side no-one really does this in out market so we will be ahead of the game here.

I think we should have



Contact email

Telephone 1

Telpephone 2


Site or Branch

Then a check box for ‘Contact for accounts information’

Then a place for some notes

FAcebook link, linkedin

And we should be able to upload a picture too.

All in all maybe something similar to the FTM form.

So, sending information to the contacts.

The invoices and the quotes should have drop down menus and the contacts should appear in here so they can be selected for the relevant email.

If the check box has ‘accounts’ ticked they will appear in the drop down for invoices. For quotes, all names should appear as an option but the deafult will be the site ‘owner’.


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