Changes to the payment gateway / online payments for Flobot

Changes to the payment gateway / online payments for Flobot

What happens is the customer pays the deposit with a credit card but the credit card charges are only added on the final settlement payment. We need to tell the customer of the amount the credit card will cost to process on each transaction.


  • Can we add how much the credit card is going to cost them onto this screen? The info is in the settings for the % charge
  • I think we need another template for the online / card payments. I want to put different things on each one

So, for example, on the card payment template I don’t want to give them the option of paying by BACS. It puts the control back in the companies hands. Also, I want to put it in BOLD LETTERS the credit card payment rates and debit card payment rates. And that template for the card payments is so ugly. Can we make the invoice narrower and centred in the screen with the payment details directly below it? (mock-up at bottom of page)

Finally, when payments are made is thee a setting that sends a receipt off to the customer? If not can we make a template for it and send one out automatically when a BACS payment or a card payment is made (with a setting). It can look just like the invoice except it will say ‘Payment receipt on the top and in the subject of the email.


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