How to add a new user to Flobot

How to add a new user to Flobot

Go to the top of any screen and you will find the user symbol on the right. Click it and it will bring you to this screen, click the cabinet and you will see an ‘Add User’ Option.


From here it is fairly straight forward, just fill in the boxes and press save.

For clarity


Account Level:

Customer Service Advisor: Limited access to the system, can only see jobs ther are adssigned and no financial details

Customer Account Manager: Can see everything in the team they have been assigned to and add financial records

Administrator: Access to all Teams and ability to add financial records and take payments issue refunds

System Administrator: Ability to alter all account settings and see all user accounts

Super Administrator: Access to all setting, customer portal, Field Services portal, app configuration

Auto-allocate: Allows you to allocate the enquiries as they come in equally among Customer Service staff (mostly best left to ‘No’ this is an advanced setting)

Team: If you have created teams then you can allocate this user to one of them (mostly best left to ‘No’ this is an advanced setting)

Start Time: What time this user starts. This can be used for time keeping.




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