Some improvements to the enquiry form

Yes we need to make it linear again. Alos, we need to do something about the company / organistaion. It is getting a bit messy as we add more companies as opposed to individuals.

Kickserv does this pretty well with the option of asking the user whether it is a company or an indivdual at the start of the process and we dshould do the same.

I think we might be able to get away with using the forename and surname fileds if we are clvere. I.e the surname one for the actual company and the forename one we keep blank. This would mean we could search for the company in the database just like the names and there is no extra coding – i think. Anyway, at the bottom is the picture.

What we need to think about is this. User clicks ‘company’ (it should default to ‘no’) in this image. A drop down appears like to say ‘enter name of company’.

The forename / surname is then optional but if it is added it needs to go as the name of a contact on that account.


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