Tweaks to the Field team members schedule

We are getting close to having a very good Field Team members schedule, probably the best on the market.

Here is what we need to do to guarantee our success. All images at bottom of post in order.

1) Open the slots. We need to get these slots open right from the start. Becasue when we upgrade the qizard it has to be a simple, simple process for the user. They just won’t understand about opening up times lots and so the system needs to open them up straight away for a newly added FTM.

2) Not the same amount of time. So, at the moment you can select 2 or more FTM sor the same job. But they have to be booked out fo rthe sames time slots and on the same day. However, ther will be cases where 2 engineers are booked for the same job but they won’t be there at the same time. For example FTM 1 is booked to go to start another job at 2pm, but FTM 2 is booked for this job all day. Or FTM 1 is going to start cleaning the house on Monday and FTM 2 is going to finish it on Tuesday. Same job, different times.We need to alloww this to take place in the schedule.

3) No way to scroll on the appointment. In the example below I have made a recurring appointmnet for every thursday ending in 4 weeks. But I can’t see it. I have to make 3 or 4 clicks out to the engineer to see if the appointments have been created. Here is what we need to do. We need to make this schedule view 3 months minimum and put a scroller on it. We need to make the name of the FTM clickable and make it take you to the FTMs schedule.

4) Removing the options from the appointment drop down. Let us trim the drop down options on the appointments (the bottom image) – we only need 3 at this point in time – Recurring, Quote or estimate, Fixed rate from quote or estimate – the names of these 3 should change to Recurring, quote and Job or task – ideally we need to allow the user to change the name of these in the settings, but we don’t have time for that today.











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