Updated Flobot scheduler features and bugs to be solved before release

The updated scheduler is looking great. Lots more fuunctionality. A few bugs to clear up before release

  • The appointment I just made has not appeared in the schedule although it appears in the appointments tab
  • When making the appointment the confirm button is way over to the right and has a lot of scrolling
  • I think we need to hide the recurring appointment section until it is clicked on the drop down – otherwise it gives conflicting information i.e. daily when you might just be booking a one off appointment
  • The notes section has lost all the buttons at the top for adding pictures etc.
  • Let us trim the drop down options on the appointments (the bottom image) – we only need 3 at this point in time – Recurring, Quote or estimate, Fixed rate from quote or estimate – the names of these 3 should change to Recurring, quote and Job or task – ideally we need to allow the user to change the name of these in the settings, but we don’t have time for that today.


Clicking an appointment to edit brings you to the carzy screen below. I clicked to edit an ppaointment on the 17th and it has options to edit all of these appointments. Maybe that isn’t a bad thing. However, it won’t let me edit it. It says I have selected 7 slots. Have a try yourself.

The same with edit a recurring appointment.

But on a fixed rate it worked and I could edit it

Deleting it worked well and removed the appointment but left the slots open.


Another thing. The screen below is good. Better than we ghhad before. However, I suggest that it fefaults to 3 months visibility and you can scroll along it to see where your recurring appointments have landed.

Where they have their name at the top – clicking this should open up that FTM’s schedule. On the drop down menu i.e. ‘close, edit, remind, delete etc’ we need to add ‘view schedule’ so the user can see the appointment without actually having to edit it.

Now, didn’t we mention automatic appointment reminders for this new schedule?

carxy-edit extra-schedule

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