Quote Deposit Payment Process

Turn on quote deposit payment process

  1. Go to Settings > options.
  2. Scroll down & find Enable quote deposit payment process toggle button.
  3. Turn on it.
  4. At the bottom of the page, click Save changes

Use quote deposit payment process

Once you have enabled this feature, the customer will be able to accept quote & pay deposit payment. Then he or she can book a capacity appointment in Flobot.

  1. When the customer received a quotation from Flobot, he or she able to Accept, Ask or Reject that quotation.
  2. If the customer accepts that quote Flobot will automatically convert quote charges into Order charges & redirect to the deposit payment screen.
  3. Once the customer makes a deposit, Flobot will automatically redirect to the capacity booking screen. Then the customer will be able to book a capacity appointment for the visit.
Quote decision view
When the customer accepted the quote it will redirect to the Payment screen.
Once payment is successful, the Customer will be able to book a capacity appointment here.
All the above steps are recorded in Flobot order log.

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