FTM document expiry reminder feature

  • First login to Flobot .
  • Go to an FTM.
  • Go to document store.

Now you can see all uploaded documents for that FTM.

This feature will send an email to FTM, if a document is about to expire in next 21 days. Also, serviceteam will receive a copy of this email.

  • Go to FTM Overview tab
  • Then you can view FTM log that showing sent emails about document expiry
  • The Email will look like this

How to customize document expiry email template

  • Login to Flobot and go to Settings.
  • Then go to Templates -> System Templates.

Click on Select template to edit dropdown box and select “21 day overdue” template

Now you can change email template by editing and changing those underlined placeholders

  • Use below place holders when customize your email templates.
  • ((EXPIRE_DATE)) – Document Expiry Date
  • ((DOC_TYPE)) – Document Type
  • ((DOC_TYPE_UPPERCASE)) – Document type in capital Letters.

How to add/edit document view link

  • On template window click “HTML view” icon

Then find for “<a href=”((DOC_LINK))” target=”_blank”> View Document</a>” code section or similar one

  • Cut and paste this code segment to move the link location to wherever you want.
  • You can change View Document ” text to change the text appear on the email to view the document.
  • Finally, click save

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