ServiceTeam Parking & Congestion charges

before using this feature you have to set up some settings.

Note: This features works on service team only

How to add automatic parking charges into Labour type quote items

Here’s how to enable quotes include parking.

  • You have to go order account overview.
  • click edit account right side corner.
  • turn on the ” Enable quotes include parking “.
  • then save the changes.

When you add the labour type quote item, parking charges will add automatically into above labour type quote item. Before adding the charges, you make sure turn on the “Enable quotes include parking” option.

Parking charges depend on the unit of hours.
Automatically added the parking charges.

How to add automatic values into Congestion Charge type quote items.

You can assign different congestion charge values to specific postcodes.

when you turn on “Enable quotes include parking” the Congestion charge also add automatically. Congestion charge has a default value, if you want to you can change it in the setting.

Congestion charge add automatically

firstly you should select the relevant postcodes in settings and assign values. after adding the quote item then select the labour type. when you select it Flobot automatically fills above assigned values as the congestion charge.

Here’s how to add different congestion Charge values

  1. firstly go to settings.
  2. scroll down and click the congestion postcode.
  3. select the postcodes you will want to add the congestion charges and assign values then update it.
  4. go to order (that order postcode should be have above selected postcode)

NOTE: If you did not assign any values to your order postcode in settings, the congestion charge will set default values.

  • default values
Buy priceSell price
Default value of the congestion charge

NOTE: There are some special postcodes. It has a fixed value to buy price and sale price. Although if you assigned some values to these postcodes, Flobot will ignore it and set the fix values to the congestion charge. ( N1, NW1, E2, E1, SE1, SW1, W1, WC1, WC2, EC1, EC2, EC3, EC4, E1W, N1C )

Fixed values to the congestion charge


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