Promocode feature

Note: This features works on serviceteam company only

Create new promocodes

1.Go to settings
2.Scroll down and click promocodes
3.Add FTM promocodes

Fill promocode range (start No. and end No.). this number should be four characters. enter the discount and select any FTM. finally enter the FTM commission and save.

manage promocodes
Add FTM promocode
create new promocodes

Use promocodes to enquiry

When you creating new enquiry you can enter above created promocodes. if you use wrong promocodes the system will show error message.

Enter promocode
Wrong postcode

Redeemed promocode discount

  1. Go to order promocode entered.
  2. Then click charges
  3. If you want to add discount you should click Redeemed button(make sure all the charges you already entered)

Add FTM commission

  1. Go to settings
  2. Click promocode
  3. Select relevant FTM and click option
  4. Add FTM commission
  5. Click save

NOTE: Description / Details and Amount (£) fields are automatically filled by Flobot.

Add FTM commission