FTM forced questions feature

When you submit a jobsheet, the app will ask three questions from FTM. and then the order stage will change according to the selected question.

Note: This features will only work on serviceteam company

How it works on mobile app

  • First FTM needs to login to his/her account
  • Then go to an appointment
  • Fill all required fields to the job
  • Finally, click Submit Jobsheet
  • Then you will see three questions like in the image below
  • Select one and submit jobsheet.

Note – This is same on android devices

How it works on Flobot

Once FTM submit jobsheet with a selected question it will update on flobot & change the order stage

  • First, Login to flobot
  • Go to the order

You will able to see changed order stage and used device on the order log.

FTM questions and order stages are listed below

  • Job Complete No further work needed – 9a-1
  • Job Complete Non Emergency Further work needed – 9a-3
  • Job Complete Emergency Further work needed – 9a-2