FTM Late Reminder Feature

Now you will receive an email if an FTM late to an appointment for more than 2 hours. The email will be sent to servicedesk@Serviceteam.co.uk. The System will be automatically detected if an order late about 2-3 hours and send this email.

Note : This features will only work on serviceteam company

How to customize Late Reminder email Template

  • First, Log in to Flobot
  • Go to Settings and click Templates
  • Then click System Templates
  • Now select “FTM late reminder Template” from Select template to edit dropdown box

You can edit the template by changing placeholders and finally click Save.

These are the placeholders that you can use to customize the email template.

  • ((ENGINEER_NAME)) – FTM Name
  • ((FTM_CHECK_IN_TIME)) – Appointment due to time
  • ((FTM_CHECK_IN_DATE)) – Appointment date
  • ((LATE_MIN)) – How many minutes late to the appointment
  • ((ORDER_NO)) – Order number

The email will look like below image