Daily Risk Assessment

  • To get started, make sure logged in to the Flobot admin portal. You might need to sign in.

  • Go to the Settings section and then choose the App settings
  • Under the App settings find out the Risk assessment checklist tab and you can enable or disable following risk assessment settings on there and corresponds will work with the Flobot App;
  1. Enable daily risk assessment status – Enable/disable default daily risk assessment
  2. Daily risk assessment url link – Paste the form link
  3. Mandatory daily risk assessment? – Using the risk assessment is mandatory or not by enable or disable the button
  4. Enable installation risk assessment – Enable/disable Risk Assessment for Installation
  5. Installation risk assessment zoho url – Paste the installation form link
  6. Enable site layout risk assessment – Enable/disable Risk Assessment for Site Layout
  7. Site layout risk assessment zoho url – Paste the site layout form link
  • Press the Save button to save your changes

Here’s how to use this feature in the Flobot Field Service App:

  • Go to Flobot Field Service app & find out Daily Risk Assessment
  • After pressing it will popup list of risk assessment message box
  • Then you can select the risk assessment form you want
  • Then you need to fill the risk assessment form and submit it
  • After submit, the form will appear on the Documents and certificates section under the Document store
  • Finally, you can view the submitted form by clicking the view button in options drop down