Flobot improves e-mail delivery rates using PostMark

We’re pleased to announce that by partnering up with PostMark, your customers are significantly more likely to receive their quote or invoice by sending it through Flobot than sending it through Outlook or your personal email software.

In fact, our statistics show that with the recent spam list update update as many as 1 in 5 emails with attachments have been failing to reach the intended recipient – and often with no bounce email to inform you the message has not been received! Hotmail is now reportedly bouncing 81% of emails with attachments. This means that before Flobot, the quotes you sent may not even be received. And if the customer never gets the quote you will never get their business. Based on our own business statistics we think this will bring a 10 to 15% increase in quote acceptance rate. For some of us that equates to several thousands of pounds a month.

The app has been built into Flobot so there is no need to update anything but please test it by sending a quote or invoice to yourself next time you send one to a customer. To do this click the ‘+’ tab to add another recipient when you email the quote or quote.

We’re really pleased with this addition. No other work-flow software is doing this and we’re going the extra mile early. That’s because we use the software every day for our own businesses.

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