Rainy Days – Appointment rescheduling

When it is a rainy day in gardening or artificial grass, then all the jobs on those days have to be re-allocated.

How to mark an appointment as Rainy day

  1. View the order you want.
  2. Go to the Appointments section.
  3. Go to Options drop-down menu, you want to mark as Rainy day appointment.
  4. Click on Rainy Day option.


  • Rainy day option isn’t available for past or future days.
  • Rainy day appointments appears in pink color.

Appointment rescheduling by Customer

  • Once admin marked an appointment as Rainy day, appointment rescheduling email sent to the site email address.
  • Customers will be able to reschedule their appointments by click on the link in the email.

The customer will be able to select the best date & time for the FTM visit.
The customer will be able to see successfully confirmed message once he confirms the booking.
Flobot shows the above appointment in the capacity schedule.

NOTE: Once the customer booked an appointment it will show in Flobot order log.