FTM Review Retention

Try the Review Retention feature

To get started, make sure logged in to the Flobot admin portal. You might need to sign in.

  1. In the top right, go to  Settings Options.
  2. At the bottom, find Enable review bonus toggle button.
  3. Next to “Enable review bonus “, choose to turn on.
    enable review bonus
  4. Then go to Field resources section.
  5. Choose FTM you want to enable review retention & edit that FTM.
    field resources edit
  6. At the bottom, find Enable customer review toggle button.
  7. Next to “Enable customer review “, place the Review retention rate (%) value.
    retention rate field resources
  8. Click Save changes at the bottom.

Here’s how it works

  • Select the order and place an appointment for relevant FTM who is having some review retention rate (%)
  • Go to Costs and select add cost clicking three-dot actions menu in top right corner.Costs
  • In add cost table fill the details (Note:- Remind when adding type of entry allow you to select type as charge only feature not working for credit type) and save your changes.
    add costs
  • Then go -> Add FTM payment table clicking plus icon in right corner and select Credit for work-Labour as the first record, select FTM ,then add an amount and save your changes.
    ftm payment
    add ftm payment
  • Then select second record as Adjustment with retention same as above step, still it is automatically filling its details but you can modify values as you want then save your changes.
    ftm payment adjustment
  • Then you can see above records under Field Team Member / Contractor payments table.
    record payments
  • After you can view FTM’s payment information under FTM’s financial section.
  • Go to Field resources -> Financial -> FTM payment information table.
    financial section ftm payment info
  • Admin can give review points for each FTMs under reviews table based on their customer’s review feedback.
    review table
  • When job was completed/closed, finally can view rank and other details of each FTMs in review bonus table (Note:-Can view previous months only cannot view current working month, current records can view after end of current month, beginning of next month).
    Bonus table in flobot
  • If FTM’s Review Point Rate > Target Review Rate he can hit the target and can achieved his bonus.

Here is how the App shows payment summary table and bonus table
app1 app2

  • Note:- FTM cannot view bonus table of current month same as the system above explained.