Track user activities in Flobot

How to view Task list
  • Go to Users > Select the userCapture
  • Click on Options drop down list & select Activity log
Here’s how it works
  • After user has viewed the Order overview and then search from Activity log it will shows that order with its relevant order number(EX:- MTX68883)order overvieworder overview activity log
  • After user has viewed the Account overview and then search from Activity log it will shows that account with its relevant account number(EX:- MTA91707)account overview

account overview task list

  • After user has viewed the Enquiry and then search from Activity log it will shows that enquiry with its relevant enquiry number(EX:- MTE40154)enquiry viewenquiry task list (2)


  • If user view the order who is not the owner of that job then task will display order with flag markflag order