Overdue Invoice Reminders

Here’s how it works

You can enable automated reminders for the invoices. This sends automated reminder,  sms and emails in 1 days, 15 days and 30 days. Please use following steps to enable it.

Here’s how to enable to a customer
  • Open customer account you want to enable it.
  • Go to edit account. Then scroll down &  find Enable overdue reminders toggle button.
  • Enable overdue invoice reminders & save your changes.
    2overdue setting
Here’s how to customize Overdue email templates.
  • Open Settings in your admin area.
  • Go to Templates > System Template section.
  • You’ll be able to find automated overdue templates In Select template to edit drop down.
  • Then select a template & customize it as your wish.
  • Use below place holders when customize your email templates.
    Company Phone - ((COMPANY_PHONE))
    Public Payment Link - ((PUBLIC_LINK_PAYMENT))
    User Name - ((USERS_NAME))
    Customer Name - ((CUSTOMER_NAME)) 
    Invoice Number - ((INVOICE_NUMBER)) 
    Invoice due date - ((INVOICE_DUE_DATE))
    Order Due date - ((ORDER_DUE_DATE)) 
    Invoice Sent date - ((INVOICE_SENT_DATE))
    Site Address - ((SITE_ADDRESS))
    Account Manager - ((ACCOUNT_MANAGER)) 
    Account Number - ((ACCOUNT_NUMBER)) 
    Job Owner - ((JOB_OWNER))
    overdue Amount - ((OVERDUE_AMOUNT))
    Number of Overdue days - ((NUMBER_OF_DAYS_OVERDUE))