UK Data protection law and exporting customer email in to mailchimp marketing email list.

In order to comply with current & new rules for marketing and use of data Flobot users need to follow a careful procedure for obtaining and marketing to customers.

When collecting user data at enquiry level and when booking and inputting data into Flobot in “New Enquiries” the Flobot job admin has to confirms the following when taking the email address and telephone numbers.

“Your privacy is important to us. We will always use the contact details provided to contact you about your service and provide you with documents directly related to your service (for example, certificates, invoices & job sheets). Please can you confirm, if you are also happy to receive & benefit from updates about promotions, coupons, surveys & news?”


Subscription confirmation on enquiry level.

  • If the customer confirms yes to the statement then the Flobot Job admin can enter this in for Flobot enquiry section with the select a button next to the email address which confirms acceptance to market has been provided.
  • If the selection made to “Does not want to receive” then the email address is not exported to mail chimp as currently does. However if Job owner selects “Happy to receive” then email address exports to mail chimp marketing email list.