SeviceTeam SMS campaign for WP plugin subscribers

  • Go to All Customers > SMS Campaign on header navigation bar.
  • When customer place an order by using ServiceTeam word-press plugin, his or her account automatically add to WP sms subscribe list. (1) 
  • Using SMS windows you can send your customized SMS to required customer. (2)
Here’s how to send SMS


  • There’s a URL Shortener tool if you want to short your URL length.  Paste your long URL on Long url text field & press convert button to generate shorten URL. (1)
  • Then put your msg on SMS text area (2). Do not need to copy & paste your shorten URL on msg area. Simply you can add shortened url by adding ” ((URL)) ” string without quotation marks.
    Example: Click here ((URL))
  • Press Send button to send your SMS.