Sending quotes to suppliers and ftms – Accounts upgrade part 3

Ok, so we have a great quote making tool. We can make and send a very detailed quote out to the client and they can accpet it electronically through the system.

We need to be able to send this information to the FTM and the supplier.

Ideally, these would be 2 different documents but for the moment they can be the same except that they need to be labelled differently.

So, the sheet we send to the FTM we shall call a ‘project sheet’ and the sheet we send to the supplier will be called a ‘supplier sheet’

Basically it is the quote sheet stripped of the financial information that is sent the the customer but (this is important) it must show the line items and quantities even if they are ‘not viewable’ to the customer. i.e. the ‘not viewable’ or ‘hide’ tab tab has been selected. Everything else for the moment is the same except the ‘quote notes’ need to be added to any pdf that is created and this can in a new table under the line items.

We need a button on the drop down cabinet that says convert to ‘project sheet’ and ‘convert to supplier sheet’- maybe another at the bottom next to the ‘preview as invoice’. When this button is clicked it creates a document that is found in the ‘quotes’ section which will be renamed to quotes & projects. We will need to rename the table and put a file ‘type’ in there i.e. ‘Quote’ or ‘Project’ or ‘Supplier’

The next thing we need to do is to be able to send this project sheet to the supplier or the ftm. So, much like the upgraded accounts section we need drop don boxes that will pre-fill with the names and emails addresses of the ftms and the suppliers (the suppliers are now created in the enquiry form and you will have to work out how we get them into the various orders!)

I think that the project documents should be sent out as a pdf and we should have the same mechanism for accepting a project sheet for supplier or ftm.

There is one more thing we need to do for an ftm. We need to make a ‘project sheet’ available to the the ftm in the app. I think that this should appear as a link to a pdf in the job details.


Written By

Adrian Portsmouth