Bespoke setting for individual accounts on the app and jobsheet

So, we have some clients who want to be able to insert questions, tick boxes into the app based on the requirements of an indivudual acount, but also a default for all the accounts.

Here is how I think it should work

1) In the global settings we have the default settings for the app

2) This settings can be overrideen (much like the overide for the invoice template)

Global Settings

In the global settings under ‘app settings’ we need a new section .

Along the lines of add checklist to app.

Something like enter text so e.g. Have you checked that the areas is safe and conforms to BSI8897? Then we need to ask the user if this is a requirement to make the job sheet submit. i.e. ‘Requirement for submission’ ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. And if it is a requirement to submit it will need to be ticked or when they do submit an alert will have to pop up saying. ‘Checklist must be filled in’.

I think the checklist should go after the job details.

Account settings

We should add another tab to the left hand navigation at the bottom that says Edit account’ This can bring us to the current ‘edit account page’. We need a section in here for ‘App settings for this account’

Here we need to add some checkboxes that say ‘Use default checklist settings’, ‘replace default checklist settings’ or ‘additional checklist settings’. Maybe we can also allow some of the other global settings to be altered here. Then we need to add pretty much the ame form as the global settings. with a text box and a yes / no slider.

Written By

Adrian Portsmouth