We have a very comprehensive invoicing and payment system. It works beautifully but it is ugly. All images are at the bottom of the page.

1) We are going to change the tab ‘Charges’ to ‘Invoices & payments’

2) We need to make a table that contains the invoices that have already been emailed out. This is easy because we already have that information in the order log.

That table should have the date the invoice was sent.. How many days since the invoice was sent ho the invoice was sent to and a link to the invoice itself with a nice little icon.

3) Drop down cabinet menu for charges.

Add a charge. Should go to an ajax pop-up.

Add discount.Should go to an ajax pop-up.

Add deposit amount should have an ajax pop-up.

Send customer an invoice

Send customer an overdue invoice

Sent customer online payment link (this should work for the deposit or the full invoice)

Send customer payment receipt (like an ivoice but we need to change the email title to ‘Receipt’ and put a ‘Piad graphic’ on the invoice.

4) Customer payments

Drop down cabinet menu

‘TakeĀ card Payment’ can remain the same

‘Record other payment’ should go to an ajax pop-up.

5) Order summary at the top can change to Balance outstandingĀ and ut in a bigger font like the headings at the top of the accounts page


Written By

Adrian Portsmouth