At the moment we have hundreds of settings options in Flobot. This is a good thing because it makes it very customizable. However, we need some more organization around it as some settings are not in the right place. We should do this is 2 sections. This first move will allow us to evaluate the second stage where we may put in more fields and advanced settings.

New settings left hand menu and positions for existing buttons

Company info – everything the same except move terms and conditions and logo upload here and remove the VAT number and rate to the financial section

Menus – (formerly Navigation) – Stays the same

Templates – Remove all the colour control elements except anything that controls the colours on the templates

Table displays – (formerly Display) – Stays the same + theme, dashboard filter, quote tracking, colour control, logo upload (yes I know this in here twice)

Coverage – Stays the same

Schedule (new category) – Put in times slots, start and finish times (from the company info menu)

Financial (new) – Break this into sections – Payments – Sagepay, card payment lock, debit card surcharge, credit card surcharge, amex card surcharge

Charges –  billing  blocks, call-out charge, VAT number, VAT rate

Invoices – include full site address on invoice

Users (new category) – Auto allocate

Field Resources – in addition to the actual engineers names that should go on the bottom of the page we need to add – FTM Commission Scheme, FTM payment split, refereela scheme, PAYE scheme, missed appointment penalties, appointment deposits, send appointment pdf to FTM,

Customers (new section) – Send customer new account email, send customer close order email, send customer cancel order email

Archive these categories but don’t delete them (Labour charges, suppliers, discounts, price list – make a default here so we don’;t have to keep adding this),

Fieldnet and app – stay the same but combine onto one page

Marketing (new category)  – CCC, Referral sources, enquiries auto-publish

Xero – stays the same

Let’s start with this and see how it looks. Then we can make more changes.










Written By

Adrian Portsmouth