This is a very nice idea for the quote tool. Yourtradebase does this very well, the best I’ve seen.

I especially like the ‘add this to your service list’ feature. So you make the list more useful to you as you go on. This feature will be immensley useful for our customers.

And I think we can go one better. We could do this and add a price list for materials and labour via csv upload.

So, it would need the headings

Type: Material / Labour etc.
Description: a description of the item
Cost per unit
Sale price per unit

Once we had this the user could instantly upload hundreds of line items straight into Flobot ready for use instantly and if something isn’t on the list a checkbox on the line will add it.

This is how it might work. I want to keep the line style we have because although it isn’t the modern, sexy pop-ups, it is much quicker to line items this way and when you are building quotes constantly speed key.

So you have the option to insert the item from the price list or type in a new one and then save it to the price list.

The good thing about this is that if you select materials it will pull up the materials price list, labour will bring up another list, parking another and so on. Keeps the size of each list down. Eventually if we make the ‘Type of Entry’ customizable in the settings’ the user can add a price list next to each Entry.

For example

Carpet – upload price list

Vinyl – upload price list

fences – upload price list etc




Written By

Adrian Portsmouth