Update to the Flobot charges sections for usability and clarity

The Invoice and site address should be split screen toi help the user see where the job took place and where the invoice is going to

charges-orderThe Charges section should be changed to ‘Customer charges’ on the naviagtion tabs.

This is a difficvult screen. We have 2 mthodsa we can do to change it, espcailly now we have added  ‘Discount’ and a ‘Deposit Amount’ buttons.

This way, where we add some boxes into the screen itself

charges-change or what I think is a better way where we put it all into the existing cabinet menu.

That menu should look like this


Add a charge

Add a discount

Add a deposit amount

___________________ put in a line to make it clearer here I think

Send customer a deposit pro-forma invoice

Send customer an invoice

Send customer and overdue invoice (put the overdue bit in bold)

___________________ put in a line to make it clearer

Send customer an online deposit link

Send customer an online payment link

Adding charges and customer payments

These open into small pages so they can go to ‘pop-up’. example below. There is no need to go to a full page for this I think.

customer charge pop up



Written By

Adrian Portsmouth