Update to Flobot usability project – order screen

Ok, so we have made a few changes put let’s get more radical and really create something unique. After having had a play around with a lot of our work-flow management competitors software, Jobber, KickServ, eworksmanager I think we can do better. We will incorporate something of all of theirs and combine it wikth out own look and feel and I think we will have got it pretty much perfect.

What I don’t want is a series of pop-ups that leave you with lots of screens down on the tool bar which is what tends to happen on some of the others. However, in some circumstanes a pop-up is the ideal way to get relevant information into a screen quickly. So, I suggest that anywjere we have a ‘+’ symbol on our table headers we make use of a pop-ip and where we have our ‘cabinets’ – the 3 horizontal bars, we go to another page for data entry. This combination will work well, with a few tweaks. But we need to keep it consistent.

This is the perfect opportunity to add the customistaion settings for colour and to change swap the logo out for the client logo. I wstill want ‘powered by Flobot’ and a clickanle link to our website on there though.

The order screen

All the information about this order can be found on this screen. The document store I will upgrade and send the graphic for later.
























Written By

Adrian Portsmouth