We need a feedback mechanism for a contractor to electronically accept a job that is sent to them.

So, that can be done by the app. When the job is posted and an appointment made we should have an option to make this ‘Conditional.’ To make this clear there will another kind of appointment in the drop down menu that says ‘conditional’. We will need to add a template for the email and sms message that goes to the customer and the ftm saying – ‘This appointment has been booked subject to confirmation from the field engineer.’

This means it is not a guaranteed appointment until the ftm has ‘accepted’ it. It could be that a ‘conditional;’ appointment is booked for several different ftms and the first one to accept it does the job. So in the app the schedule would have a red appointment or maybe a message (we need to build a message centre in there anyway) with the option of accepting or declining the appointment. If the ftm accepts the job then the client and the system gets an email saying that the appointment is confirmed but if i is declined just the system gets updated (there might be multiple declines).

All this information must be recorded in the log (because there will be lots of instances where the ftm says he didn’t accept the appointment etc).

Written By

Adrian Portsmouth