The app is looking brilliant and is working very well. It stable and works offline and this is very important. However a couple of mall improvements in the immediate term will make this even more useful. The orange colour is kept like the system for jobs and the blue is for quotes. we can use the dark grey colour for when they are closed, just like the system (does it take that information from the system yet?).

In the second image we just need to add the days of the week (although I think we should have a tab that says ‘Switch view) and we should implement the calendar view that you get in the system. It looks great on a smart phone and is more useful than this current calendar view and we need to make it scroll across for 1 month and then allow you to select months view. ┬áBut we should keep both options and allow the user to select. I have put that view in picture 3).



Written By

Adrian Portsmouth