Usability project for Flobot, improving the work-flow and appearance

Flobot is great, nice to use and it looks good. But we can improve. Some of the screens replicate information and the layout needs compacting as there is some unnecessary scrolling. In some cases the forms need turning upside down because the most useful information is at the bottom of the page. Here are my suggestions. Across all pages we should make the Background colour white. It will make the table stand out and the grey everywhere is sarting to look a bit boring. A bit Windows 3.1

The Dashboard

Pretty much all of the data for this new dashboard is already in Flobot. The map function just needs linking to the new app.

Order Overview

I think the order overview should contain all the information on that order and include the notes, appointments, charges, costs, quotes and documents. The navigation on the left should remain to enable the user to get to the areas they require quickly without lots of scrolling but I think they should still remain seperate pages. The docukment store is a mess and I am going to make that a sepearte project so for the moment it can remain off this page.


Order Summary

On all page the order summary should be replaced with this. It is easier to see what is going on and it takes less space.

order summary
Appointments page

It should look like this.


Customer Service

The Customer Service tab should be changed to customer notes. And it should look like this

customer notes


This screen need the order summary as the other screens with the addition of the job site. This helps the user to understand which job they are invoicing if they come from the accounts screen



This screen can stay the same except for replacing the Order Summary with the new one.


They should look like the image below


Field Resources

We should put this screen in place of the current screen. Again white background


Written By

Adrian Portsmouth