Account Overview upgrade

We need an upgarde of the account overview to make it more useful for the user. Let’s start with editing the account

Asset Management upgrade

In Flobot we have a section that is notoften used but could be very useful. It is found under ‘Service Log’ in the document store right at the bottom. Cyurrently it has the form but it doesn’t save the information. We need to upgrade this to make it work and make it useful. See image below.         […]

Usability project for Flobot, improving the work-flow and appearance

Flobot is great, nice to use and it looks good. But we can improve. Some of the screens replicate information and the layout needs compacting as there is some unnecessary scrolling. In some cases the forms need turning upside down because the most useful information is at the bottom of the page. Here are my suggestions. Across all pages we […]