Now that the new stage order system is up and running we need to tidy up some anchors to improve workflow

Stage 6) Quote Accepted. So you put in an amount for the deposit in the charges section and send a pro-forma invoice to the client. At that point the order stage sghould automatically move onto – 7a) Deposit not received from customer. The deposit option in the drop down menu for the charges is the trigger fro this event

Stage 7b) Deposit received / not required – when a client pays online through the payment gateway and an email is sent to the user, if the stage is 7a it should automtaiclayy move to 7b

8a) I don’t know how we would do this or how complex it would be but when we put in another appointment and the stage is 7b it should move to 8a automatically

Manual intervention has to happen here but the fianl system uintevention should be changing stage 8a or 8b to stage 8c once the appointment date has arrived.

Without complicating it too much we should eventually have a workflow diagram that allows the system admin of the account to direct where the stages roll over too themselves and eventually even allowing them to create there own. But in the meantime it might be an idea to have a setting of ‘Flobot assisted Stage Movements’¬†on switch in the global settings.

Written By

Adrian Portsmouth