Client portal and FTM portal issues

As we are building a replica if you will of the the ftm portal in the new app. We need address some of the problems with functionality at the moment.

Let’s start with the FTM portal.


We have the ability to upload pictures into the portal but it is not useful at the moment.

The FTM needs to be able to add pictures to the e-jobsheet and the job complete job sheet.

You should also be able to upload directly into order, see below. You should be able to write decriptions for the pictures and they should display a small image on a rollover of the link












Once the pictures have been uploaded they should be viewable in the Customer portal immediately. That is the point of the images – to share them with the clients easily.

At the moment, you can upload an image but it is not badged to any particular order and so, after you have uploaded more than one image they become pretty useless. The only reason for those images there can be for branding or pictures of the FTM’s faces, trucks etc. Not for specific jobs. So, the picture below we need to change ‘Your Order images’ to ‘Photos of your you and your business’. If we could have a catalogue if you will of pictures that have been uploaded with a link to the MTX order number this would be good as it would be a nice search function for the engineer. He is most likely to better at remembering jobs visually than by address or mtx number and it would be a nice little feature.


It is clunky and difficult to navigate through the FTM portal without the top navigation bar. We need to put this in just like the navigation on the full system but with some modifications. I think we might be able to lose the side bar and just stick with top navigation like this, but I am open to suggestions, maybe it should have both naviation panels just like the system. I think it might look like something below.











FTM Notes: Please see SVN CLient Notes and Engineer notes for this new feature.

Now let’s move onto the Client Portal


I have put up a mock up of what it should look like below.



A few extras need to be added.

The Order screen

I think it shows the orders up to 3 months. This is fine except that some original orders are over 3 months, even sometimes over a year since they first contacted the client.

And then that data doesn’t really ever appear on the order page.

I think a more relevant way to determine what appear there is by the appointment date, so most recent appintments first and then going back.

And I think we should leave the default as 1 year and display the date range at the top where it says ‘orders associated with this account’.

This should be replicated on the system which is suffering from the same problem and in the FTM portal

The new order screen should lose th naviation on the left as displayed on the mockj-up and have a wider table to accomodate  extra fiels so they should now have – in this order

Flag   Order Number    PO Number   Job Name    Date Created   Appoint. Date  Order  Department   Order Type   Order Stage (words) Order stage (Graphics) Notes (Client)

With regard to the notes, please see alternate SVN on this issue


This can’t be built yet I think it needs some more thought and we have more pressing projects. However, just like the system, the schedule should show the client visually when engineers are due to arrive on various sites. So, you have a day, week, month overview of all the appointments compacted into one screen showing appointments booked for that client regardless of engineer or location. This information can be seen when the client rolls over the appointment slot as they do now. It will show them who is booked to go and where. Only on the day of the appointment should the system allow the client to see where exactly the engineer is on a map.


Filter capabilities from cabinet

As shown on the mock-up, we need to give the client (and probably the FTM in their portal) the ability to filter searches and exprt to csv just like the system. So, I suggest we put this eact same functionality into both portals.



Written By

Adrian Portsmouth