Quote tool upgrade for Flobot Property Maintenance Software

SVN 221

We need to alter the drop down menu for the unites of time as highlighed in the graphic.

We also need to replace the drag along mark-up slider with the ‘Sell price per unit’ box.

To make it clear

Box 1: ‘Buy Price per unit’ This is what the company buys the product otr service at and cureently labeled ‘Rate PPPD’

Box 2 ‘Sell Price per unit’ an new box that allows me to enter a figure for the porice I want to sell the prodcut or service at. Entering a figure here will calculate box 3 and box 4 as wll

Box 3 ‘Markup %’ – Same as it is now. Entering a figure here will update Box 2 and Box 4

Box 4 ‘Mark-up each £’ should stay the same and entering a figure here will calculate box 2 and box 3 (By the way sooner or later we need to internationalize Flobot and thet £ needs to be able to change to $, € etc.)










Obviously, when the quote is previewed we need to change the relevant time units as highlighted below


Written By

Adrian Portsmouth