OnMouseover details and description of job throughout system

At the moment it is not possible to get more specific information on a particlar job without clicking the link and going into the record.

This means a lot of excess clicking when deciding which order to select as there is not enough information displayed in the tables. However, ading another table row would look ugly and would make the page significantly longer.

Suggestion: Onmouseover over the MTX order number the pop up box should contain the information from ‘Details of the Job’ that is entered from the enquiry screen as below. This should be replicated anywhere that the link for an MTX number appears (especially on the client portal) – it will be very useful











For┬áthe quotes, the information should be taken from the ‘Summary of job’ information entered on the quote itself. See below





















And of course don’t forget the portal and the ftm portal


Written By

Adrian Portsmouth