Our clients tell us that the quoting tool is one of the best features of Flobot. Here are a few enhancements to make before we embark on the quote template system.

1. At the moment it only allows the user to select days and we need a further drop down menu to allow them to select hours, weeks, months or even minutes. This will need to be reflected in the final quote that is sent to the customer.



2. There are some unneccessary boxes here that could be replaced. ‘Add mark-up – slide to set’ is useless and no-one has ever used it as far as I can see. We should move the highlighted section to the left and add a box called ‘unit price to client’. This box will allow the user to enter the price he wants the customer to pay and then work all the other figures out. So for example. I might want to charge out the labour at £200 per day. At the moment I have to do the calculation based on mark-up from the rate PPPD. The system can do this for me and then multiply it by jowever many days I have selected.





3. Rate PPPD as highlighted in the graphic below should be changed to ‘Purchase price per unit’ except for labout which should say ‘Rate per day’.





4. The discount section doesn’t work. It needs to apply a discount figure input by the customer as well as the option to apply a percentage discount before tax. A description box needs to be kept there in case the user wants to put some notes to the customer on it e.g. I have applied a 10% discount for materials’ etc. Ideally, the discounted field and amount will be highlighted in some way on the final quote so the customer can see that they have been given a discount.


Written By

Adrian Portsmouth